Sunday, 25 December 2011

Precedence of MA.

I had run the FIM MA Export, the attribute had not flow correctly in FIM Portal.

After investigate I found that the FIM MA precedence was High then HR MA.

The attribute has to flow from the HR to FIM, so in this case the precedence of HR should be higher than FIM MA.After set the precedence of HR MA higher than FIM MA the object successfully provision from HR application to FIM portal.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Error “Does not have a parent object in Management agent.”

Error “Does not have a parent object in Management agent.”
When I run the Delta Sycs for FIM  MA, I started getting the error Sync-rule-flow-provsioning-failed. After viewing the stack information I notice the object does not have a parent object in management agent.
After way too long, I realized I needed to Run an import with the AD MA first before trying to provision group  with the declarative provisioning from the portal. If you forget to do this you will get the error Object "CN=XXX,OU=XXXX,DC=XXXX,DC=XXXX" does not have a parent object in management agent "AD MA".

Having Run an Import with AD MA  followed by FIM Delta Import,Delta Sync and AD MA Export, the object provision sucessfully in  the external source.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Portal Configuration displaying name.

Click Administration and then Click Portal Configuration.
Click Extended Attribute Tab, In the Branding Center <give the display name>
Click Ok and submit.
At the start
->Run Menu ->type IISReset and then press ENTER.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Select Attribute in MA in SSM corresponds to Destination source in FIM.

While configuring the synchronization in FIM portal, few attribute was missing from the Destination source in FIM. After TS into the MA in the Synchronization service manager, I have miss to select the attribute for the destination Source. Once I have selected the right attribute in the MA, the attribute shown in the Destination source in FIM.
The snapshot is below for the new babe to FIM like me.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Group creation Trouble Shoot  in FIM 2010 portal.

Issue: Groups created in FIM portal has not been replicate to Active Directory.
Launch the Synchronization Service Manager application as follows: Click Start->All Programs->Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager->Synchronization Service.
Click the Metaverse Search tab.
Search the metaverse for the object of the user having the problem as follows:
    1. Set Scope by Object Type to Group.
    2. Add a clause with the following criteria:
                                                               i. Set Attribute to DisplayName
                                                              ii.  Set Operator to Starts with
        Click the Search button
 Determine the object with the sync error:
 Double click each of the objects in the search results. This will open the Metaverse Object Properties dialog box
Click the Connectors tab, Double click Management Agent entry. This will open the Connector Space Object Properties dialog box.
Check if there is a tab titled Export Error and check the error description.
Check the error information and correct the group in the FIM portal and the group will replicate in Active Directory during the next run of sync.


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