Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Error - NoSuchManagementAgentException Error

There are a few gaps in TechNet and it can be confusing switching from one article to other, so I have collate it here in my Blog...Hope it will make sense.

In My lab I have use the Notepad as my HRdatabase,to project the user in metaverse and finally provisioning in FIM portal.
Create the data file.
Copy the records from the following data and then paste them into a new Notepad file
EmployeeType:Full Time Employee
EmployeeType:Full Time Employee
Save the Notepad file on your local drive as C:\HRData.txt

For creation of Notepad MA,FIM MA and Inbound Sync Rule please refer to - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee534902(WS.10).aspx

Challenges – when I run the Sync of FIM MA and Notepad MA receiveing the below error.

Use the PowerShell to enable provisioning you can do this by running the script, Using Windows PowerShell to Enable Provisioning (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=189660).

Make sure your Notepad MA have precedence over the FIM MA.  

Overview -

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Groups not provisioning in Active Directory.

I have seen user coming back and say I have created group and my group is still not working L and it relay feels pain to go back and say you have to delete the group and re create the group.
FIM 2010 and R2 never checks the existing display name of the group, it goes fine with the alias.so what cause the group falling with the same display name ?
I have done some TS into it and find the group fails to provision in AD and if you do the metaverse search of the group you will find group with already existing display name.
Now again I am coming back to my question? Why the group are failing.
Each object in AD has a GUID assigned to it, but since the GUIDs are hard to remember, we generally use DNs
Every object in AD have a specific location and stored uniquely in AD and store the data as CN=DisplayName,OU=XXXXX,DC=COM.
If group with the same display name created it conflict with the already existing DN in AD and Synchronization Rule in FIM not allow the groups to get provision in AD. J


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