Thursday, 12 June 2014

__Powershell : Update Database.

When you working  as IT PRO you will not have all application installed in production servers and have some limitation in installing the application, Guess what will happen when you asked to  update 10000 or 2000 records in SQL database and you have to  update the correct value each time in table.I have spent couple of sleep less night in updating SQL table, So here is a power shell way of updating the  table. It will take 10 to 15 min to execute it and finish your work and landed home safely on time.

1. Save the input file in CSV (comma delimited)

2. Lets your  Select Query looks like

Select EmpNO,Name,Lastname,Department,Roles,Country from Employee

3.Import the CSV in  Blue Shell

4. Next Steps is the use of Pipe Line

5. Check your SQL txt in your profile and update the database.

I am done with my Blue Shell todays, Time to sleep.  Have a FUN Friday, Weekend is gona started soon Cheers

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