Saturday, 26 July 2014

PowerShell and C# - Custom Object

I am not a Big Fan of C# and was exploring the Blue shell today. Was alone in room, Roommate was not there  and was thinking can I copy a C# code from net and execute it in PowerShell and with luck was successfully execute it.PowerShell is faster to write, and deploy..!!

I have copy the code to find the factorial of a number from Web and then create a new object $kali

The Output 

I am done for today time to have some Beer..!!!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Distribution Group Management

Disclaimer: The purpose of this document to show how group management can be configure in FIM environment, all the test has been done in virtual basement lab environment. It is highly advice to test your architecture design in Test environment before deploying in Production environment. It carry no right and it implementer will be fully responsible for its own act without analyzing the risk impact. 


Born as Mathematician, Found love in Scripting and want to have an affair with C#

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