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Sync Error Series - An object with DN "CN=" already exists in management agent

Note : This series is for the Beginner and trouble shooting the Error With Sync Engine, Based on Test Lab, Highly advice do not do Full Sync of the Management Agent. Errors are Fun, Debug It...!!

The Management Agent Run and see the error message in the Stack information.

"Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.ObjectAlreadyExistsException: An object with DN "CN=4,OU=FIMOU,DC=corp,DC=fim2010,DC=com" already exists in management agent "ADMATest".
   at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.Impl.ConnectorImpl.Commit()
   at Miis_Metaverse.MVExtensionObject.Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.IMVSynchronization.Provision(MVEntry mventry)"

The error message arise because there is already an existing object with the same DN in provisioning connector space.

Step 1.  Search the user in metaverse and the object will not existing in MV as it fails during the provisioning, First challenge is to bring the Object in MV.

Step 2.  Disable the Provisioning Rule Extension ( Tool-Options)
             Unchecked the option Enable Provisioning Rule Extension.

Step 3. Go to the connector space of the MA and commit preview, this will project the object in MV.

After Step 3,checked the option Enable Provisioning Rule Extension. See Step 2,
Step 4. See How to join connector Space Object to a MV object, the tech net link is below

Join a Connector Space Object to a Metaverse Object Link

 Go to Joiner Tab and Join the existing disconnect object to newly project object in MV.

This will fix the Error .. !! 


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