Thursday, 20 November 2014

Desired State configuration

Desired State configuration.

A simple scenario what felt me to understand it, A lots need to cover and learn, but thought sharing it will be worth for the beginner like me. I am just in love with DSC.  Making sense Ahha :)

Execution happen in three steps, Make the configuration, Call it and Make it so (pointer to MOF)

 - Install PowerShell Version 4.0 and enable PowerShell Remoting.

A common problem on laptops is that the initial PowerShell Remoting configuration will fail because the system is connected to a public network.

Step 1.

Enable-PSRemoting -SkipNetworkProfileCheck -Force

Step 2. Make the configuration

Configuration MyFirstDSC

    Node 'Anirban-PC'
        Service VM
            Name = 'VMwareHostd'
            State = 'Running'
            StartupType = 'Automatic'



Step 3 Execute the Powershell and it will create the Folder MyFirstDSC having the MOF

Step 4 Make it So.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Error-Handling Session in PSBUG

Thanks Ravi Sir for the DSC book and Deepak for giving the opportunity to speak in the group meet and Audience who come and join us today.

Error-Handling in PSBUG meet.


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