Saturday, 28 May 2016

Do you love Automation

Do you love Automation? If yes then almost all your need can be fix with PowerShell in FIM & especially in Microsoft World.

The world is changing and from a long time, Microsoft is pushing automation to the core.. Developers are learning How to build infrastructure, it’s a High time for the IT Support professional to embrace cloud and Automation.

I am back and stop looking for JOB, I was in believe when i switch to new profile or company i will get a job what I am looking for, so far it has not happen with me.

Let’s learn my own and stop looking for Job.

How FIM admin can utilize the power of PowerShell.

FIM or MIM come with PSSnapinin FIMAutomation. However snappin is an old way of doing things, if we want to have all the cmdlet of FIM we have to registered the PSSnapinin in PowerShell.

// How to registered the Snappin in Powershell.

Powershell Army is back.


Born as Mathematician, Found love in Scripting and want to have an affair with C#

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