Thursday, 23 June 2016

Powershell infinity loop

When you work with application Support or devlopment, There some times there is a need  to capture the logs occurance of certain activity , however you do not know when it will occurr and you want alert mails and customized report to generate when it occur.

You can Scheduled your script to run in task schedular every minute or second, What you will do when you do not have the right to update the task schedular or view it?

Scripter more commonly use the for(;;) construct to signify an infinite loop in Powershell.

In Below Screenshot, the script sleep for every 3 min and invoke the logic of the script.

Thank You.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

ECMA : Get-Schema

Writing my first ECMA connectors with Webservice [ Get-Schema ] ... The road was not easy for a admin to write code or to build connectors for the webservice, During this process I picked C# book and learn the content of Interface and Webservice. For beginer it is recomded to learn the below topic before witing the code.

1. Interface
2. How to call a webservice C#.

Get Schema , While building the connector we have to write the schema.Schema may be define as the field or property of the connector.

The below is the schema code, I hope it help some one in writing the schema of the connectors who want to learn how to build the connector in FIM or MIM.

Here I have two property or filed "FirstNAme" and "SecondName".

The field or Attribute in the connector

Thats all... for today,.. Happy Coding.


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