Saturday, 4 June 2016

ECMA : Get-Schema

Writing my first ECMA connectors with Webservice [ Get-Schema ] ... The road was not easy for a admin to write code or to build connectors for the webservice, During this process I picked C# book and learn the content of Interface and Webservice. For beginer it is recomded to learn the below topic before witing the code.

1. Interface
2. How to call a webservice C#.

Get Schema , While building the connector we have to write the schema.Schema may be define as the field or property of the connector.

The below is the schema code, I hope it help some one in writing the schema of the connectors who want to learn how to build the connector in FIM or MIM.

Here I have two property or filed "FirstNAme" and "SecondName".

The field or Attribute in the connector

Thats all... for today,.. Happy Coding.

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