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FIM 2010 R2 to MIM 2016 InPlace Upgrade [ excluded service and portal ]

As most of our FIM infrastructure is in Server 2008 R2, It always a business decision whether we are doing in place upgrade or migrate it over to totally new Server 2012.

FIM 2010 R2 to MIM 2016 InPlace Upgrade [ excluded service and portal ]

1. Snapshot of VM
2. Back up of your database
3. .Net framework of 4 or higher is supported by MIM, if it is not there make sure it is upgraded to 4 or higher version.
4. Change the compatibility level of SQL to 100 using SQL Management Studio.
5. Backup the encryption key

 It is very important to back up the encryption key if you plan to use the existing database.  The reason for this is that the server configuration, extension DLLs and other vital information is stored in the database.  It will make life much easier in your migration upgrade.

6. Backup the extensions folder

 This is not absolutely necessary unless you plan to start with a clean database.  The extension DLLs are actually stored in the backend database as well as the extensions folder.  If you backed up the encryption key before moving or restoring the existing database from FIM, then these DLLs will be re-populated into the extensions folder.

 If for some reason you do not see the DLLs, then utilize your backup of the previous extensions folder to repopulate your Extensions.

7. Backup the source code.

Nowhere it is mentioned to uninstall the FIM , if you are doing a inplace upgrade you have to uninstall the FIM from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features.

Once the FIM software uninstalled restart the server.

Navigate to the location of the Installation files for MIM 2016 Synchronization Service and begin the installation.

While installing point your SQL server instance to FIM Synchronization database of FIM and steps are same like FIM installation however the installer will discover the FIMSynchronization database and asked for the encryption key.After entering the Key it will start rebuilding your index and FIM will upgrade to MIM.

Please do test all your logic and upgradation in Test before moving to production.

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